Roobi delivers live music to a global audience.

Fans will have access to high quality content, streamed live and available post-event, that is currently not available.

Artists will be compensated for introducing fans to the platform and will receive a per-play share of subscription revenue.

Income for niche and upcoming bands will be set at a material level not available through existing streaming platforms.

Roobi will provide access to a global audience many times the size of the concert venue and will stimulate interest in physical attendance.

Artists and fans will be able to create “virtual gigs” by selecting favourite performances from events across multiple venues.

Artists will be able to easily reach fans on multiple social media networks using Roobi as the hub.

Roobi will dedicate a proportion of profits to support young and developing musicians through partner charitable foundations.

More details will appear here very soon…

Mark Barton, CEO Roobi Limited